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caută pentru 0308103

quality: PJ


code: 418-0312-N-308103

quality :PJ

PJ - quality_text_PJ_for_catalog_1

Number of ports: 5

Manufacturer Restriction: 8ET 009 142-351

Mounting Type: Bolted

goods protection: return seal

Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: C 180 Kompressor

Output to [kW]: 115

From construction year: 01.07

Engine Code: M 271.952

Output to [HP]: 156

Application period: 01.07-01.14

: Abakus

OE: 2710940248

OE: A2710940248



code: 28-0607-L-778

Model details: Pentru 4 uși


OE: 813803761A

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