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code: 56-0620-R-1053

Mirror glass electric heating: Încălzită

Power foldable mirror: Without power folding

Memory: Without memory

Mirror adjustment: Cu reglare electrica


Mirror glass type: Convex glass

Description 1: Short

Application period: Până în 2000


OE: VM042R

OE: 8L1858536AA

OE: 4A08575083FZ

OE: 4B1857536C


Până în 2000
quality: Q


code: 380-8500-N-173002

quality :Q

Q - quality_text_Q_for_catalog_1

Drive Type: All-wheel Drive

From construction year: 01.08

Displacement (rounded) [cc]: 2953

Engine Code: B 6304 T2

Make: Volvo

Fitting Position: Rear Axle

Output to [kW]: 210

Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: T6

Location: rear

Vehicle Equipment: vehicles without electronic parking brake

Model: XC70 II, 04.07-

To construction year: 07.10

Brake Disc Thickness [mm]: 12

Output to [HP]: 286

Sales unit: set(s): 2 pcs.

Pitch Circle Ø [mm]: 108

height [mm]: 69,3

Brake Disc Type: full

Wheel Hub Diameter [mm]: 63,6

Diameter [mm]: 302

Minimum Thickness [mm]: 10

Number of Holes: 5


OE: BD1295

OE: 30769058